Farm chronicle

From the "Huebgut" to today's Hubergut in Radstadt


Our farm, the Hubergut, previously called the "Huebgut", has existed since the 17th century. "Hueb" was, according to ancient folklore, the name for a larger tenure. Our farm covers an area of a total of 37 hectares, of which 8 hectares are forest and 29 hectares fields and meadows. We're particularly proud of our title "Anscestral Farm", which we were awarded as the farm has been owned by our family for over 200 years.

The history of our farm
& its owners

According to Salzburg County archives an entry was made in the Parish Church of Altenmarkt in 1373 documenting the farm as "Hueb ob Creitzsall in Ennswald".

  • 1849: Son Johann Buchsteiner (handover)
  • 1859: Widow Barbara Buchsteiner (caretaker)
  • 1860: Josef Kocher (half ownership)
  • 1890: Johann Buchsteiner (handover)
  • 1934: Son Johann Buchsteiner (handover)
  • 1970: Son Willi Buchsteiner (handover)
  • 2007: Daughter Theresia Buchsteiner (handover)
  • 2012: Marrige of Theresia & Sepp Ebster
Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof

Building development

The old farmhouse is around 450 years old. It was constantly renovated and upgraded by our great-grandparents.

  • 1906: Roof truss was removed & newly constructed
  • 1910: Interior plastering of many rooms
  • 1948: Maids' room was vacated & the today's kitchen was added
  • 1953: Sleeping quarters were reduced
  • 1958: Two toilets were installed
  • 1962: Installation of hot & cold water
  • 1986: Renovation of the room on the first floor, installation of a shower 
  • 1970: Central heating was installed – so guests could stay in winter too
  • 1980: Start of building of today's Hotel-Pension Hubergut

Building developement & livestock

The first barn buildings were built over 450 years ago.

  • 1872: Conversion of manure barn to floor barn 
  • 1948: Construction of the first carriage shed
  • 1952: Construction of the second carriage shed 
  • 1954: Purchase of the first car, construction of first garage
  • 1957: Construction of a septic tank in front of the barn
  • 1958: Construction of a tractor garage
  • 1961: Reconstruction of barn: at the end of April the old barn was demolished, at the end of June hay could be stored in the new barn. On the 1st of October the stables were ready for occupany. The pig sty was converted into a workshop  
  • 1972: Construction of a 2nd garage (adjoining the barn) for a second tractor & car 
  • 1976: Sale of the last horses, conversion of the stables into a pen for young cattle, construction of a second septic tank
  • 1981: Sale of the last chickens, the pigs were reduced to just 2 ,
  • 2006: Sale of the last breeding animal, insemination by young farmer Sepp
  • 2007: Construction of tractor garages & depot, installation of a carpenters' workshop, purchase of machines  
  • 2009: Construction of a pen, new construction & conversion of barn and stable building   
Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
My father Willi's family

Uncle Hansi, grandma Theresia, aunty Thresi, uncle Sepp (foster son), grandpa Hans and papa Willi Buchsteiner. My father originates from the Huber Farm in Radstadt. My grandma Theresia Dax, born in Pfarrwerfen comes from the Höringbauern in St. Johann! She married my grandfather, Johann Buchsteiner, who took over the Huberhof in January 1934, on 7th May 1934. Hans still works on the farm and has the right to live here for the rest of his life. 

Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
My mother Anni's family

Grandpa Wastl, grandma Lisi, aunty Marlies, my mum Anni (Nani), uncle Wasti, aunty Barbara Mayrhofer. My mother comes from the Grosstaxer Farm in Radstadt. My grandfather Sebastian Mayrhofer comes from the Kasparbauer Farm. He married the farmer's daughter and farm heiress Elisabeth Walchhofer from the Großtaxer Farm in 1944.

Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
Family photo from around 1986

Theresia, dad Willi, mum Anni, brother Willi, Hannes, Thomas, Sebastian

Chronik - Hubergut in Radstadt, Urlaub am Bauernhof
Family photo

Sepp & Theresia with children